Beautiful Bones

     The dissection of the illustration below is through many forms of symbolism. Showing the circle of life as a juxtaposition of many things. 


     The imagery is meant to encompass both beauty and the grotesque, death and life. The vulture is often considered disgusting, a creature for the dead. Stripping flesh away to the bare bones. The branches and flowers are the growth of life, showcasing beauty and vitality.  Balancing both is the act of living. Knowledge that there is good and evil, represented by the snakes. Wisdom is adorning the ugly in pearls, and understanding that growing older will eventually harbor death. These are my interpretations, and reasoning, for how this image was created.



    Life is cycles within cycles. There is always a time where everything in your life is going okay. Nothing too big is happening, good or bad. In fact you might feel bored. Wish for something to happen. Feel like nothing interesting happens to you. This sounds like the script in a fairy tale where the kids find another land in the closet, and suddenly thing get exciting...

     But in reality what eventually happens to break that cycle is not magic. And make no mistake the cycle will change eventually. And it could be something amazing, like you got the job you always dreamed of...Or you find true love, finally buying that dream family home, etc. But you don't get to choose. It could also be ugly and devastating, like the loss of a dear family pet. A serious accident, loss of a career, and so on. You don't know what life will toss your way. Or even when...

    And often times life likes to throw multiple events towards you at once. It can feel like standing in front of a tennis ball machine that just keeps spitting them out, giving you no time to think. All you can do is stay on your feet and swing wildly....maybe you hit some, miss others, and probably you get bruised by a few particular brutal shots. 

     The point is you can't choose what you get, or often when you get it. What you can do is choose how to react. You can choose to stay standing. And also choose how to view your circumstances. Even in sadness you can remember happiness, that the pain is not all encompassing in time but simply in the now. And even when you are happy, you can remember the sad times, and remember to grateful for every joyful moment. Life is full of events, and people, and their individual stories. And it is all beautiful in its own way. Death and life, and flesh and bone. Cycle after cycle, all you can do is move through it.

     That is all for today's blog, but I want to throw out there that I have received some very cool emails about how people are relating to certain pieces of art. Seriously makes my day, and also brings out interesting ideas I had never even thought of myself. So inspiring! I really enjoy the emails, but also know that each blog is open to comments, if you have anything you would like to share!